LA Joaillerie by Mazlo gallery wishes to highlight the singularity and the expressive richness of author jewellery within the field of contemporary creation. By organizing thematic exhibitions and encouraging linkages with other artistic disciplines, our goal is not only to redefine the vocation and specific function of jewellery in the field of individual experience but also to revive its value as a genuine work of art. For beyond its ornamental and social function, a jewel can also convey a universal and timeless story.


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Opened in September 2010, LA Joaillerie par Mazlo gallery organizes once a year a thematic exhibition, which leads to the creation, by author-jeweller Robert Mazlo, of a corpus of unique and original jewellery pieces, associated to his graphic and photographic artworks. Artists in other disciplines are regularly invited to participate in the exhibitions, giving life to a multidisciplinary dialogue around a common research theme.


It is generally agreed that jewellery is useless, that a jewel is nothing but an ornament or a social marker. But what if jewellery were something else ? If it were a signal of  personality or an avenue of artistic exploration ? If its function was to give meaning, to convey a message or to tell a story ? LA Joaillerie par Mazlo gallery is dedicated to this conception of jewellery, to this desire to create a valuable and rare jewellery that questions his time and itself without neglecting the perpetuation of ancestral know-hows.


You already know the Stendhal and Münchausen syndromes, but guess what, LA Joaillerie par Mazlo gallery invented the Cinderella syndrome. Each jewellery piece indeed is a one-of-a-kind, and therefore exists in one size only. It will never be done again. If you like one of the exhibited jewels however, it may provide us the first outlines for a bespoke jewel. And who knows, magic does not only happen in fairy tales. With a little luck, the ring of your dreams will fit your finger ! One more reason to visit us !

Focus on the Castiglione ring

Baldassare Castiglione, whose portrait was painted by Raphael, was a famous figure of Italian Renaissance. As a diplomat and humanist writer, he is mostly known as the author of "The Book of the Courtier". In Robert Mazlo’s mind, this highly refined and educated man represents the incarnation of the genuine gentleman. The rough octahedral diamond symbolizes the potentialities of any man at his birth: the pure inheritance of nature. The body of the ring, that maintains the diamond, was forged by hand and represents the culture and education that each man has the possibility to acquire in order to refine his inner being, thus becoming a true and[...]


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