What is author jewellery but the subtle alchemy of empathy (Heart), wit (Brain),

noble materials (Nature) and skills (Hands)?

Robert Mazlo


Our Motto

We believe that standardized luxury is not inevitable and that there is a place for unique jewellery pieces, both respectful of traditional skills and able to touch one's heart and soul.


We believe that creativity and art do not exclude the mastery of know-hows.


We believe that the artist is a successful craftsman, who is able to question the limits of his discipline and who dares to explore unknown territories.


We conceive each jewel as a work of art, a vector of knowledge and poetry, as an object able to tell you timeless and universal stories.


Creativity is firstly about having great ideas and then about finding relevant solutions. Our gallery aims to highlight this combination between the creation of mind and its materialization by the hand, which is so typical of author jewellery, by organizing temporary exhibitions on contemporary themes. 


These exhibitions give Robert Mazlo the opportunity not only to leave for a while the exercise of bespoke jewellery to create personal artworks but also to invite other contemporary jewellers to work on a common research theme.


To sum up, it may be said that in the field of jewellery, author jewellery is the equivalent of the French Nouvelle Vague in the realm of cinematographic art. The term was coined by the Dutch art historian, Liesbeth den Besten. According to this author, author jewellery refers to the concept of "cinema d’auteur", introduced in the 50’s in France by French director François Truffaut and André Bazin, a theorist and film critic, head of a revue called Les Cahiers du Cinema. In both cases, we are dealing with works that bear "the artistic stamp and creative vision of an author". It also includes the respect due to ancient Masters (didn’t Truffaut adore Hitchcock?), combined with the desire to create a new language and the constant need to experiment and excel.

How we can help you choose your jewel ?

A jewel often means a choice of life or a sufficiently important event that we want to immortalize by an object with a strong symbolic and/or emotional value. When the time comes to make a choice, it sometimes becomes difficult to take the right decision ... especially when you have to make a gift !

We, at LA Joaillerie par Mazlo gallery, strive to make your visit a fun experience, a special moment based on dialogue and listening. If you wish, you may also complete the test that we generally use as a tool to design our bespoke jewellery pieces. This will allow us to know you better and eventually help us to define the contours of your jewel.


Here are a few tips before completing your test :


  • Do not think about a jewel or a stone. For example, think about the colour you prefer in general, not about the colour of a particular stone.
  • You are free not to choose anything.
  • You are free to choose everything.
  • There's no wrong answer, so don't be afraid to step outside the frame !
  • Please, have fun !


To prepare your visit, feel free to download your test here  

A bespoke scenography: from the magic lantern to the wonder box

Staging jewellery artworks is a delicate and difficult exercise. This is why the gallery has designed its own display modules, directly inspired by childhood memories of Robert Mazlo. In the 50's, hawkers were still plying the mountain villages of Lebanon, carrying magic lanterns on their back. The jeweler has imagined its "Wonder Boxes", remembering these "Sandouk el-Ferjé", which used to entertain the whole company of vacationers. But most of all he wanted to find a way to reproduce the kind of fun that he personally experienced while watching these short animated films.

Halfway between the magic lantern and the magic box, this display system allows each artwork to deploy its story in the secret of its little "dark box".