Diamond like me - different like me

Exhibition 15 September 2011 - 31 March 2012, at LA Joaillerie par Mazlo gallery, Paris.

Nature is a temple in which living pillars 
Sometimes give voice to confused words; 
Man passes there through forests of symbols 
Which look at him with understanding eyes.
Charles Baudelaire, in Correspondences, The Flowers of Evil, 1857.

Devoted to Analogies, this exhibition inaugurates a cycle exclusively dedicated to diamond. Its aim and ambition ? Trying to renew our perception of the diamond by drawing up an « anthropomorphic » portrait of this outstanding gem. Exploring its inexhaustible natural expressiveness, through unique pieces of High Jewellery specially created by Robert Mazlo.

Indeed, whether eye-catching or stereotyped, the image of the diamond does not avoid clichés. It finds itself very often associated with reducing slogans that only touch lightly upon its diversity and especially its extraordinary expressiveness.

Proceeding by analogies, the exhibition draws a link between two conditions, human and mineral, equally affected by the weight of the look and its prejudice.


The visitor is thus invited to discover another vision of the reality of the diamond and is ultimately led to ask himself about the factors that determine the essence of his own personality an how he expresses it.

The 14 artworks on display are rings, unique pieces, entirely conceived and handmade by Robert Mazlo in his workshop. Each of them expresses a very personal vision, alternating pieces of ornamental and abstract forms with more figurative works featuring characters with contemplative accents.

All forms and shapes of diamonds have been convened: raw, white, coloured, faceted and of course, ancient cuts that the creator is particularly fond of. 

« Diamond like Me » is an attempt to reveal the mysterious relationship between the mineral and the human reigns, and all that the diamond has the power to tell us about ourselves ...