Holy Tools !

 Tools and everyday objects revisited by Contemporary Jewellery in the Digital era

No machine can compare with a man's hands. Machinery gives speed, power, complete uniformity, and precision, but it cannot give creativity, adaptability, freedom, heterogeneity. These the machine is incapable of, hence the superiority of the hand, which no amount of rationalism can negate.Soetsu Yanagi, The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty


On the occasion of the Paris Design Week, the ARKETIP association and gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo present «Holy Tools ! », a group show featuring a selection of works by international art jewellers and video artists.

Conceived as a tribute, this collective exhibition questions the close relationships existing between the artists and tools. How do they relate to these universal objects, whose shapes, designs, uses have often remained unchanged, through the centuries?

From initiation to hybridization, through fetishization and recycling, each artist invites to rethink the tool and everyday objects in the light of his/her personal practice but always as an instrument of liberation and mediation between humans and their environment.

The exhibition also raises the issue of the perpetuation of handmade know-hows in a time of increasing dominance of machinery and other advanced technologies. Are hand tools doomed to disappear ? Do they have to adapt to changes and how ? What are the possible consequences of these evolutions on our consumption modes ?

 Opening on September 7th, 7-9 pm.



The four members of Quars D'una met in 2012 in Barcelona during their studies at Escola Massana. Sandra Llusà Maria Diez, Clara Niubò and Carla Garcia now form the collective Quars una. They live and work in Barcelona.

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Born in Haarlem in 1970, Katja Prins is a Dutch artist. After her training in traditional techniques of jewellery at the Vakschool of Schoonhoven, she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1993-1997).

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Born in Chiswick, London, Jo Pond is a British art jeweller. After discovering jewellery making at the Berkshire and Loughborough Colleges of Art & Design, she established her design process some years later during her Masters (...)

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Born in 1962 à San Giovanni Teatino, Fabrizio Tridenti is an Italian art jeweller. After graduating in 1982 from Istituto Statale d’Arte, Penne, he spent a few years as an apprentice in a couple of reknown workshops, before establishing (...)

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Xavier Monclús

Born in Barcelona in 1966, Xavier Monclús is an art jeweller. Soon after his studies at the Massana School in Barcelona, his work has been presented in galleries and museums in Europe, United States, Canada and Japan. Since 2013, he lives (...)

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Juanjo Garcia Martin

Juanjo Garcia Martin is a Spanish art jeweller. He lives and works in Malaga. His artistic approach combines different disciplines that he has been practicing indinstinctely since an early age: painting, music and art jewellery.

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Lisa and Scott Cylinder first met while they were students in jewellery and goldsmithing at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Since 1988, they have been successfully co-directing their art jewellery studio while pursuing a teaching career.

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Gabi Veit

Born in 1968 in Bolzano, Italy, Gabi Veit is a spoon maker, art-jeweller and graphic designer based in South Tyrol and Switzerland. After studying graphic design in Innsbruck and Venice, she founded her own studio in 1994. She then (...)

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Guillaume Delaperriere

Guillaume Delaperriere, video artist, born in 1974, lives and works in Paris. He earned a degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and joins together in his creations his two modes of artistic expression (...)

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