100 jewels inspired by a trip to Japan -

As the proverb says, travel broadens the mind. In a modest and yet touching way, the first solo show of Karl Mazlo confirms the truth of this old adage.

When he left in 2013 to seek harmony in the Country of the Rising Sun with the idea of getting through 
a particularly painful personal breakdown, he could not at all foresee that he would return so rich. He came back indeed with  the heart and mind filled with these images and impressions that today infuse his jewels. In taking the function of jewellery literally as a way to reactivate memories, Karl Mazlo decided to act againts common practices.

The issue here is not to dedicate his know-how to someone else's story but rather to unreel the threads of his own memories while allowing the viewer an immediate identification. After all, the jeweler is traditionally called the "master of the links", isn't he ? The Jeweler has been assigned the delicate task of sealing with precious materials the souvenirs of those rare key-moments that punctuate our lives.
Through the memory of his own initiatory journey, the story of his entrance into adulthood, Karl Mazlo unveils a personal interpretation of his craft.


13 Novembre - 27 December 2014.