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Born in 1975 in Mexico City, Alejandra Solar currently lives and works in Luxembourg. After a degree in graphic design, she decided to pursue her university studies and to learn the art of jewellery successively in the United States, Spain and Germany, where she obtained a Master in Fine Arts from the University of Applied Sciences of Trier, Idar-Oberstein. Her works have been published in various books, magazines and catalogs and have been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions.

Alejandra received the Design Award from the "Association of Jewellers of Catalonia" in 2006 in Barcelona and the "New Traditional Jewellery Award" from the Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam in 2014. Her works are part of the permanent collections of the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim.

Alejandra Solar photographs and collects images from her daily life. She then selects certain figures, landscapes and objects she has discovered to include them in a new narrative context, fueled with mysticism and fantasy. By including these elements in a new context, modifying them and playing with them, she establishes surprising and unexpected links between them and their new environment.
The chosen aesthetic is minimalist, arid and fearcefully dramatic. The images resonate with the cold and often dark surfaces of the stones that she shapes and sculpts with an impressive and refined dexterity. She also plays with the natural patterns and inclusions of the stone, thus blurring the different interpretation levels of the image.