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Arata Fuchi was born in 1975 in Japan, where he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Tokyo Zokei University. He began his career working for 4 years for a manufacturer of watches and jewelry. He then continued his studies with an intensive goldsmith training at «Le Arti Orafe», a jewelery school located in Florence, Italy. Since 2006, he creates his own jewelry and divides his time between Japan and Italy.


Arata Fuchi draws his inspiration from the Japanese concept of beauty, according to which the "beauty of form is created by nature and not by artifice" and from the idea of "vitality of nature". To express them, the Japanese artist has developed a  process adapted from a traditional technique from South Korea called Kum-Bu (Keum-Boo). From trial to error, he has gradually managed to create an original technique that he called "pulverization". It consists of covering the surface with silver powder to make the surfaces rough and irregular.


Arata Fuchi is an internationally recognized artist: his works are regularly shown in group exhibitions in Europe and the United States and are part of permanent collections of museums such as the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (New York, USA) or the Alice and Louis Koch collection (Basel, Switzerland).


Artificial form does not exist in organic life. A mysterious power operates, and a beautiful shape comes to life. And, it’s full of vital energy. I give life to jewellery that exclusively uses inorganic materials although receiving the inspiration from an organic life.

Beauty of form that Nature not Artifice creates.The intended shape is obtained when the regular and the irregular unite. It is in the making of a beautiful shape, for a small point to accumulate, to connect and become a line, to become a facet, and to show various aspects.