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The project entitled 1350°C stems from the complicity of Franco-Chilean photographer Hector Olguin and French designer, Cynthia Ayral, in a common reflexion on eroticism.
As “Planet walkers”, they aim to confront cultures, combining Japanese and European references: the tradition of cameos and the Shunga (erotic Japanese prints dating from the Edo era, 17th -19th century).
A limited edition of three exclusive pieces, this artwork raises questions about the elusive nature of eroticism, which is thought as an intellectual path: the one which leads to desire.

Conceived as a complete art object, 1350°C combines different techniques and consists in a case containing nine oval photographs, printed on porcelain.

Hector Olguin draws his inspiration from Shunga and particularly from the way pop artists have re-interpreted it in Japan since 1945. He recognizes himself in the exuberance of the represented scenes and in the craziness of the colours.

Whether half-fish or half-bird, the body of his models are adorned with scales and shimmering feathers, turning them into fantastic creatures.

Here, the desire does not only materializes in a photographic object but in contemporary jewelry pieces. Adopting the traditional shape of the cameos, these oversized oval photographs are free of any contour. In order to liberate the pattern, the steel strapping has been replaced by pink gold claws.

A discrete fibula invites us to wear this picture as a jewel.
Porcelain has been chosen for its sensual and delicate visual aspect. This project owes its name to the temperature at which these porcelains are fired : 1350 degrees Celsius.


Cynthia Ayral has imagined the box containing the photographs as a sensitive journey leading to the pictures. Conceived as a jewellery box, a cigar box or even as a bento box, this wooden box with its pure lines gives no clue about its origin, nor its content. Is it a fantasy box ? Or a desire box?

As a reference to Japanese culture, this box shows a willingness to ritualise the access to this precious collection of pictures, thanks to sensitive devices such as a magnetic cover, which notifies the beginning of the ritual. As one opens the box, top and bottom seem symmetrical because they have been conceived as mirrors: one shows a given view on desire, the other  protects them like precious and intimate items.

Inside the box, the felt mask envelops the porcelains in a deep black environment. On its counterpart, an identical mask maintains the buffers of decency. These wild silk pads protect the porcelains and occult the space left empty by the desire, which has vanished. Thus, they play a symbolic and a physical protective role.

The way the pictures are arranged in the box allows us to embrace the series in a glance. A specific backlight system emphasizes the ghostly effect of the pictures.
This box highlights this “strength of life”, symbolized by the desire while preserving its secret.

A multidisciplinary project, 1350°C associates fine arts, applied arts and crafts in a 16-handed played symphony:

Hector Olguin
Cynthia Ayral
Béatrice Balivet : ceramic - contemporary jewelry
Mäelle De la Forge : designer - contemporary jewelry
Kostia : woodworking- box
Monsieur Antoine: lighting -  box
Carole Rousseaux Godeffroy – design - edition
Florence Clec’h - Print – edition + contemporary jewelry