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Born in 1968 in Bolzano, Italy, Gabi Veit is a spoon maker, art-jeweller and graphic designer based in South Tyrol and Switzerland. After studying graphic design in Innsbruck and Venice, she founded her own studio in 1994. She then graduated in jewellery design from the Alchimia School in Florence, in 2011.


While pursuing the creation of jewellery, Gabi Veit has mostly focused her attention on the exploration of the spoon's design lately. Herself a great collector of this everyday object whose functional and elementary forms fascinate her, Gabi Veit considers the spoon as a subject of experimentation and a means of interaction. Her one-off spoons present organic forms, whose rough and falsely archaic surfaces reveal a genuine taste for the Japanese aesthetics of wabi sabi.


The works of Gabi Veit are regularly shown in exhibitions and galleries of international renown. Her collection of spoons inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins is now part of the collection of the Grassimuseum in Leipzig. In 2017, her work was exhibited in Meister der Moderne, HMI, Munich, in FuoriSalone Milan and in the Vogue Salon, during Berlin Fashion Week.

The gallery will present a selection of her original works on the occasion of the 2017 edition of Paris Design Week, during the "HOLY TOOLS!" group show.

Spoon. A spoon consists of two -elementary forms. Line and circle: handle and bowl. Full and empty. Giving and taking. Getting and putting. Everyone eats with a spoon or is fed with one. All over the world. I like the simple yet at the same time infinitely rich formal language of the spoon. A spoon that tells a story. One of a kind.Gabi Veit