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Kaori Juzu is a contemporary art jeweller from Fukuoka, Japan. In 2008 the artist completed her apprenticeship with goldsmith Per Suntum and started her individual artistic practice. Her jewellery is forced beyond familiar boundaries with a sophisticated mix of techniques, an experimental continuation of enamelwork. The result is a new and seductive expression within a beautiful harmony in the shape of jewellery. Juzu’s work has been featured in both private and public collections that include Designmuseum Denmark, Koldinghus Museum, The Danish Arts Foundation and The Cominelli Foundation.


I aspire to work solely for the sake of inspiration – before the mind begins to devour the joy of
inspiration. Creating jewellery is a completely open process, where shapes, colours and sizes meet and interact. This process unfolds in a constant dialogue between hand, metal and enamel. In this
intensive process layers of colour are built up until such moment : like the moon gleaming on water – soft lifting, serene, subdued, yet strong enough to take on life as well as form. As each shape interacts with the space around it, the shapes should elevate each segment and colour and also hold all the elements aloft. In such a space each piece starts to create new rhythms.