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Born in Haarlem in 1970, Katja Prins is a Dutch artist. After her training in traditional techniques of jewellery at the Vakschool of Schoonhoven, she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (1993-1997). Today she lives and works in Amsterdam.


Since her beginnings as an art jeweller, Katja Prins has been continuously reflecting on the ambiguous relationship between human and machine. By questioning our relationship to technologies, by exploring the question of hybridity, she has gradually developed a repertoire of forms whose  rigor and sharp beauty gives her works the evocative force of signals.


Her works are in numerous private collections and permanent museums collections : MAD Museum in New York, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, CODA Museumin Apeldoorn, Schmuck Museum in Pforzheim, among others.

The gallery will show a selection of her original works at the occasion of the 2017 edition of Paris Design Week.



For quite some time, my work has been about the relationship between us, as human beings (our human bodies), and technology. When you think of it, this relationship is really intimate. Just look around you. It’s everywhere. We sleep, sit, eat, drink, move, and live with it. We even connect with each other through it. We heal our bodies with it, alter it, sculpt it, and more and more improve and enhance ourselves by it. All this technology is changing our lives all the time.Katja Prins (interviewed by Susan Cummins for the Art Jewelry Forum)