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Born in Munich in 1965, Nicola Heidemann is a self-taught artist. Drawing, painting, photography and drawing are some of her favorite mediums alongside her practice of art jewellery. She opened her first studio shortly after graduation in 1985. She has worked as a camera assistant for many years for the production of documentary films and has traveled extensively around the world. An experience that has had a lasting influence on her artistic approach.


I dream of jewellery and about jewellery. I am always eager to know what is developing – what is “cooking” – in the constant dialogue I have with Nature. I do not really feel myself to be a creator in my own right. More a collector.
I collect allusions, impressions, associations. A piece of wood can excite me, a shadow on a stone, or light glittering on water. It is the incomplete things that fascinate me. The as yet unfathomed mysteries. They give me and the beholders of my objects space for the imagination to start working. Ideally, those who look upon my objects will remember – as I do – a glorious day spent by a lake, a walk in the woods, or a beautiful pebble.

Tectonic plates, volcanoes and glaciers have determined the shape of our planet. The conditions for life on Earth are dependent upon these prior conditions. We have the possibility of cultivating and forming the planet Earth, and of transforming landscapes. But only to a certain extent.
We should always be aware that our life is not infinite, that in the face of Earth’s geological developments we are so small and insignificant, and that Nature does not belong to us – no, we belong to Nature! When we consider how old our planet is and what fundamental changes it has undergone in the course of the millennia, then our small-minded conflicts over property, religion and power begin to appear very insignificant. With my jewellery I wish to express this feeling of closeness to Nature.

I love the tactile quality of a stone on the beach. This is the quality that I try to impart to my pieces of jewellery. So that whoever wears my jewellery can always take pleasure in stroking it, in fingering it. A tactile memory, one might say. My works always have several dimensions. A form and a surface – but also a hidden inner life. These hidden parts can only be imagined. They glister forth from the inside without immediately explaining themselves.