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Born in 1981, Nicole Schuster grew up in a town near Munich, Germany. She was trained as a goldsmith in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz and graduated in «Jewellery & Objects» at Pforzheim University in 2008. After some time working in Ireland for Designworks Studio, she now creates in her atelier in Munich, Germany since 2012.


Intrigued by the power and beauty of growth and change, I explore the unfolding of life, decay and evolvement of something new as an endless process. So fragile and yet so powerful, inexorable. My work reflects on survival and power in a man-made world, based on two opposites: rational construction and the natural world. Who survives? What will persist? Where is it going to? I aim to analyse various moments of the interaction between two elements, that lie between integration, adaption and suppression. It is a journey from the beginning of a life to the triumph of the other: a give and take. Swayed by these worlds and thoughts my wearable sculptures appear like poetic places, abstract landscapes or organisms from another time.