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Raised in the south of Italy, Serena Holm is a Swedish artist, established in Gothenburg since 2004. After studying art history in Bologna, she moved to Sweden where she studied art and jewelry design at the School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.


Sometimes i describe my jewelry as theater plays where the dolls are my actors. My work often begins with reflections about psychology, relationships and human interaction with nature, and my jewels are mostly narrative and figurative, ornamental pieces constructed on several layers of symbolic values with mixed media and different techniques. People often associate them to fairytales and mythological stories which in fact also are some of my inspiration sources, together with art history, children’s books and comics. Other times the inspiration comes with the making, forms take life randomly and associations lead me in specific directions.


Serena Holm is represented in the collections of the Röhsska Museum and has received various awards and awards attesting to the quality of her work. Her out-of-the-box talismanic works owe her international recognition and to be regularly invited to participate in exhibitions.