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Born in Barcelona in 1966, Xavier Monclús is an art jeweller. Soon after his studies at the Massana School in Barcelona, his work has been presented in galleries and museums in Europe, United States, Canada and Japan. Since 2013, he lives and works in Maó, Menorca island, Spain.


For more than 25 years, Xavier Monclús has developed a very personal style, both narrative and figurative, inspired by everyday life. Animals, architecture or objects inhabit his works thus creating a tender, humorous universe with surrealist accents.

In recent years, probably influenced by the popular architecture of Menorca, the island where he now lives, his work evolved towards more refined, minimalist compositions gradually abandoning the narrative complexity of his previous production to concentrate on the essence of geometric forms.


His work is represented in numerous catalogs and books on jewellery. His works can be seen in the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, the Netherlands and the Museu del Disseny in Barcelona, Spain.

The gallery will show a selection of his works at the occasion of the "Holy Tools !" exhibition, during edition 2017 of the Paris Design Week.