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Born in 1948, Yu Hiraishi is a Japanese jeweler and sculptor. She creates jewelry from a sculptor’s point of view. Instead of staying within the usual range of jewelry making, her creative process is supported by the fundamental senses of plastic art, such as material, form and space. It has been conceived in the relationship between nature and structure.


Inspired by Minimalism, Yu Hiraishi's jewelry are wearable extensions of the sculptures and installations that made her recognized in Japan. Each object is constructed from three-dimensional elementary shapes to form primary structures whose forms evoke natural elements (leaves, flowers and waves) synthesized up to abstraction.
The palette of colors intentionally limited to the primary colors punctuates with pop accents these monochrome structures while intensifying the rhythmic effects of the play of shadow and light.


Yu Hiraishi has had solo exhibitions throughout Japan. She participated in SOFA for several years. Her work was recently featured in MAD’s exhibition Elegant Armor: The Art of Jewelry and Beauty in All Things : Japanese Art and Design. She is also part of the MAD’s permanent collection.





Although metal might appear to lack expressive qualities, it is a special material for me because its property enables a simultaneous pursuit of two sides. It is perfectly suited for creating unlimited possibilities for expression by linking sheets at different angles. While metal cannot escape the fate of oxidization, it is a mysterious material that can be reclaimed. A stimulating and inspiring color whose inherent property enables complicated expressions, incorporates delicate lights and shadow into my work.