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Born in 1981, Zoe Arnold is a British artist. She studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins in London, graduating with a first class Honours degree in 2013, and has gone on to establish herself as an independent artist jeweller.


Often referred to as "The Jeweller’s Jeweller"; Zoe Arnold’s evocative jewels are as much individual works of art as they are wearable sculpture, exploring the poetic and the macabre in the form of both illustrative and sometimes obscure treasures.

Known for their individuality and wit, her works are made with a varied use of materials and techniques, a love of fine craftsmanship and traditional hand skills, combined with storytelling and poetic imagery.



Her pieces are in many prestigious collections, including the Crafts Council, the V&A, the National Museums of Northern Ireland and the Alice & Louis Koch collection, among others.

The gallery will show a selection of her original works at the occasion of Parcours Bijoux 2017, as part of the exhibition entitled "Triptych: Life, Love, Death".

I work in all sorts of different ways and I use a range of materials – silver, gold, wood, old prints and engravings, old lenses, found treasures. I suppose there is quite a lot of animal imagery - although that’s not intentional - and symbolism and imagery is very important. Perhaps the common thread is the fact that I like working in a lot of detail – I can’t make simple pieces, they have to be complicated. I want to make something that is really covetable, something that looks as though it’s got lots of provenance, that may have been a treasure discovered at the back of a drawer in a box and that gives you a real sense of excitement. (Interview by Diana Woolf, 2009).

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