The exhibition Ramon Puig Cuyàs, la magnitude de la petite dimension, gives an overview of more than thirty years of creation of one of the major players of the international contemporary jewellery scene.

A prolific artist and committed professor, Ramon Puig Cuyàs keeps on moving the lines of his discipline. He tirelessly builds a singular body of works, articulated around humanistic values and an untiring quest for freedom which expresses both through his formal and conceptual approach.
For this first solo exhibition hosted in Paris since 1996, the corpus selected brings together some fifty works among twenty of its most emblematic series - along with a series of graphic works - from 1985 until today.
This exhibition follows the retrospective hosted by the Disseny Hub in Barcelona on autumn 2018 and gives a more synthetic overview of the artistic evolution of Ramon Puig Cuyàs.

The exhibition opens with the stylized figures of the series Senyores I Senyors (Ladies and Gentlemen - 1985/89) evoking ancient fertility statuettes and closes with the abstract sky charts from the Suite of Los sonidos de la Tierra: Una arqueologia para el futuro (Suite of the sounds of  earth: an archeology for the future - 2017/18). From one series to the other, in spite of the temporal and aesthetic leap, remains an obsession for wanderlust, for a motionless journey of which the jewel would be the vehicle.

From microcosmos to macrocosmos, from the nooks and crannies of the intimate to the confines of the universe, Rámon Puig Cuyàs invites us to dive into the heart of creation where reminiscences of antiquity coexist with accents close to Miro, Klee or Robert Jacobsen.

This ardent advocate of a democratized jewellery through the liberation of materials and a redefinition of its artistic value, also pleads in favor of the autonomy of the maker : the artist should learn and know the gestures and techniques which will allow him to totally master his/her work. His strong convictions and commitment as head of the jewellery department of Barcelona's renowned Escola Massana from 1977 to 2016 have notably earned him an active participation as an expert consultant in the first editions of the prestigious Craft Prize of the Loewe Foundation.

Co-organized by galerie LA Joaillerie par Mazlo, the Robert Mazlo endowment fund for art and contemporary jewellery, and ARKETIP association, this retrospective is part of the cycle of monographic exhibitions dedicated to the Masters of contemporary art jewellery.


Exhibition  April 11 - May 18, 2019.
Opening reception April 11, 2019 - 6-8 pm.

Tuesday to Friday 2-7 pm.
Saturday 11 am - 1 pm  and 2-7 pm.


Born in 1953 in Matarò, Barcelona, Ramon Puig Cuyàs is one of the greatest masters of contemporary art jewellery. Between 1969 and 1974, he studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and jewellery design at Escola Massana in Barcelona, where he graduated in 1969. He taught there from 1977 and became head of the department of jewellery design. As a teacher, he has been invited by schools and universities in England, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Portugal.

His works are featured in the permanent collections of many prestigious museums and private collections around the world. He has received the Herbert Hoffmann Prize on three occasions and the Barcelona Premis Ciutat in 2011.