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The Jewellery by Mazlo

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LA JOAILLERIE is kind of an outsider in the landscape of parisian High Jewellery. This place is indeed neither a gallery nor a shop dedicated to a brand. It is primarily indeed a dream come true for Mazlo, this unconventional author-jeweller, whose family tradition did not at all predestine to exhibit one day his own creations in a place devoted to his philosophy of art. The reason is that in the Mazloum family, jewels cannot be regarded as anything but unique and entirely handmade pieces… ssisted by a personality test, which according to the legend, was developed by the founder of the dynasty, Georgius Sayegh el-Mazloum, the master jewellers of the family successively got the reputation to know how to identify the essence of a personality before making it a portrait through the precious form of a jewel. Yet, as formative as may be the challenge of commissioned work, it could nothing but fail to exhaust the creative fever of an atypical artist like Robert Mazlo. First initiated in the fine art of Phoenician jewellery in the family workshop led by his father in Beirut, he then achieved his studies in the Mecca of the time in the realm of « classical » jewelry-making, the Istituto Benvenuto Cellini in Valenza-Pô, Northern Italy. Paradoxically, he shall go out of this tradition’s temple, graduated with […]