Robert Mazlo is an author jeweller and goldsmith.

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in a family of goldsmiths and jewellers. He is the current head of the House of Jewellery Mazlo based in Paris since 1977 and shares his life and time between Paris, London, Dubaï, Rome et Beirut.


As a teenager, he shows an early vocation for jewellery techniques. While persuing his studies, he joins the family workshop which perpetuates the Phoenician traditions of goldsmithing and bespoke jewellery. In 1968, he leaves Lebanon to continue his training and jewellery studies in Italy, during four years, at the Benvenuto Cellini Art Institute in Valenza-Pô.

There he becomes the student of Maestro Grossi, the jeweller and designer of the Pope's "Secret rings". In 1972, he is awarded the first prize of Master in the Art of Precious Metals and receives the gold medal of the City of Florence.

In 1973, he goes back to Lebanon, where he establishes his own creation workshop, the Atelier Mazloum and a laboratory for the analysis of precious stones. In 1975, civil war breaks out. After seeing his workshop destroyed under the bombs, he leaves his country and settles in Paris.

Thanks to his knowledge of the techniques inherited from ancient Phoenicians, he obtains French citizenship and is awarded the title of Maître Artisan.

Numerous exhibitions such as the FIAC followed after his arrival in France, and many of his artworks and jewellery creations are represented in private and public collections, such as the museum of Wuppertal, which exhibits the ring "Le fil du Temps", considered as one of the ten most iconic rings of the twentieth century.


In 1987, the ring "Hermès Trismégiste" also finds its way into the collections of the Deutsches Edelstein Museum of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Many collaborations with international prestigious names such as ST Dupont, Swatch, ETA follow, revealing his talent as a one of the first designers of the Italian school.

At the beginning of the 80’s, he decides to retire in the secrecy of his workshop, dedicating 14 years to studying and artistic experimentation.

Between 2000 and 2004, he comes back on the public scene and multiplies the participations to art fairs.

Today, even though he still perpetuates the tradition of bespoke jewellery in his laboratory-like workshop, Mazlo mostly dedicates his work to the conception of one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces which, combined with his graphic artworks, display his esthetic universe and his vision of "author jewellery" as a genuine art form.



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  • Robert Mazlo joaillier auteur atelier Boulogne soudure bijou

LA JOAILLERIE is kind of an outsider in the landscape of parisian High Jewellery. This place is indeed neither a gallery nor a shop dedicated to a brand. It is primarily indeed a dream come true for Mazlo, this unconventional author-jeweller, whose family tradition did not at all predestine to exhibit one day his own creations in a place devoted to his philosophy of art. The reason is that in the Mazloum family, jewels cannot be regarded as anything but unique and entirely handmade pieces… Assisted by a personality test, which according to the legend, was developed by the founder of the dynasty, Georgius Sayegh el-Mazloum, the master jewellers of the family successively got the reputation to know how to identify the essence of a personality before making it a portrait through the precious form of a jewel. Yet, as formative as may be the challenge of commissioned work, it could nothing but fail to exhaust the creative fever of an atypical artist like Robert Mazlo. First initiated in the fine art of Phoenician jewellery in the family workshop led by his father in Beirut, he then achieved his studies[…]

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