Initiated by gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo and the association Arketip, the exhibition entitled Triptych: Life, Love, Death gathers the works of six international artists sharing a narrative and figurative approach to the jewel.

It presents a reflection on the original function of the jewel as a marker of time and symbol of rite of passage and questions its specificity of medium and vehicle of intimate mythologies.
For centuries, from the branch of red coral offered to infants to mourning jewellery, giving a jewel has consecrated the crossing of a stage. Worn next to the skin, a jewel is a passage in itself between the hidden, intimate, inner self and the exterior, public side of the individual.

By reinterpreting the triptych format, whose structure responds perfectly to the needs of narration, the jewellery artworks created for this exhibition offer us a contemporary vision of immutable existential questions.
Echoing the jewellery exhibition, the gallery will also welcome a selection of works (from the Ensemble Seul series) by photographer Éric Antoine (with the courtesy of Laurence Esnol gallery), as well as an installation/artwork, resulting from the collaboration of Franco-Chillian artist/photographer Hector Olguin, and French designer/scenographer Cynthia Ayral.



Born in 1981, Zoe Arnold Zoe is a British artist. She studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins in London, graduating with a first class Honours degree in 2013, and has gone on to establish herself as an independent artist...

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The project entitled 1350°C stems from the complicity of Franco-Chilean photographer Hector Olguin and French designer, Cynthia Ayral, in a common reflexion on eroticism. As “Planet walkers”, they aim to...

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isa and Scott Cylinder first met while they were students in jewellery and goldsmithing at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Since 1988, they have been successfully co-directing their art jewellery studio while pursuing...

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Born in Venice in 1961, Barbara Paganin is an Italian artist. She was trained as a goldsmith studying metals and jewellery at the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Venice and sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice.

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Asagi Maeda is a Japanese artist. After completing a BFA in sculpting at Tokyo Zokei University, she studied gemology at GIA, NY and jewellery design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

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Born in 1974, Éric Antoine is a French self-taught photographer. At the end of adolescence, he becomes passionate with photography and puts all his energy in exploring the possibilities of analog...

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Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet started their artistic collaboration in 1985 when a mutual interest in ceramics prompted them to create mixed-media jewelry to raise funds for a kiln. The unexpected...

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Robert Mazlo is an author jeweller and goldsmith. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in a family of goldsmiths and jewellers. He is the current head of the House of Jewellery Mazlo based in Paris since ...

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