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If you read these lines, it certainly means that just like me, you have already spoiled a lot of time online, searching for some relevant information about red and rose gold alloys. And if you actually have, you probably noticed the lack of feature articles on the subject. An incredible lack when compared to the huge offer of red and rose gold jewels featured on websites, which introduce them brazenly as a genuine novelty. But let’s be clear here. These alloys are nothing but old (however valuable) recipes, which have become the new darlings of the luxury marketers who found there a new winning formula to make something new out of the old … Since the blog of LA Joaillerie highlights the red colour this month, I ‘d like to share with you a new article compiling  the major characteristics of red gold and of its “baby pink” variation (see point # 6), just to debunk a few misconceptions and help you to understand the reasons behind this trend.   In this article: IN A HURRY? FIND A RESUME OF THIS ARTICLE IN AN INFOGRAPHIC HERE #1. RED GOLD AND ROSE GOLD ARE NOT REALLY GOLD BECAUSE GENUINE GOLD IS […]

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Author : Robert Mazlo Title: Castiglione One-of-a-kind ring Composition : Pink and green gold 750/000 Golden brown rough octahedral diamond, brown and champagne brillant cut diamonds.   As it often happens when I create a jewel, everything started with the stone. In this particular case, a beautiful golden brown rough octahedral diamond. Castiglione only appeared in a second time during the genesis of this ring, which I created as one of the highlight pieces of the “Diamond Like Me” exhibition. It illustrates a wider reflection on the analogies between the human condition and the diamond as our society perceives it. 1. About diamonds   iamond is a commonplace subject par excellence in the jewellery field. It seems like everything has already been said and heard about it. Especially when it comes to superlatives, like “the most valuable”, “the most famous”, “the most mysterious”, “the most expensive” diamonds… The list is simply endless. Yet it seems to me that we completely miss the point. First, because the diamond is not exclusively a colourless stone. Naturally coloured diamonds do exist, in greater or lesser proportion. This variety primarily comes from the presence of impurities (nitrogen, boron, hydrogen, nickel), inclusions (graphite or carbon) or from physical phenomenons such as plastic deformations. Indeed, during its growth […]